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Information For Applicants To Laurentian University

Your future begins at Laurentian.

Bonjour, Aanii, and Welcome to Laurentian University! More students are choosing Laurentian and we are excited to let you know why. We have award winning programs, a multi-cultural learning atmosphere, and a breath-taking campus. We have a proven track record in preparing graduates for a bright and rewarding future.




Certificate of Bilingualism

Laurentian offers you the opportunity to earn a certificate that will highlight your language abilities in both official languages and give you a competitive edge in the workforce.

The certificate is awarded to students who earn a minimum of 15 credits in courses offered in English or French – whichever is not the language of study – during their program of study at Laurentian University.

The certificate will be a valuable asset for your job search and career progression. For more information or to register for the Certificate of Bilingualism, contact us.



Laurentian's Online Programs

The largest selection of bilingual (English and French) distance education programs in Canada. Envision the possibilities.

Laurentian Online offers 27 degree programs and nearly 540 courses in online and/or blended formats (online and print-based). Our offerings provide the flexibility to complete a full program of study or complement on-campus study. By enrolling online you can get ahead, keep-up, or catch-up with your studies, all on your own schedule. 



Non Degree Applicants

If you are interested in enrolling as a non-degree student at Laurentian University, you can apply using the graduate applicant portal. When applying through the graduate portal hosted by the Ontario Universities' Application Center (OUAC), you will need to select the Non-Degree Applicant option.